New beginnings ministry

I Pastor Trina Carollo founder of New Beginnings Ministry I want to be able to welcome All to our ministry there’s a place that you could feel safe not only are we a church we are also a hospital once you have an experience with Jesus you will not leave the way you came in we welcome everyone we are here not to judge we are here to love everyone because that’s what the Bible tells us to do we have to love the unloved my mission is for God to have His way thru us He is raising his army he’s raising that prostitute he’s raising that murderer he’s raising that addict he’s raising that one that was in prison for 50 years he’s raising that one that was laid up in a nursing home for 20 years he’s raising his army and how does he raise His Army that’s when he uses us as his children to reach everyone that’s where your action comes in whether it’s at a grocery store whether it’s the bank or whether it’s just a walk simply just show the love of Jesus and when pressed share your testimony because the word of God says you’re overcome by your testimony and there are so many people out there that need to hear your testimony because they’re in the same thing that God has delivered you from so yes come be a part of our family Ministry
@ New Beginnings Ministry and that’s what it will be for everyone new beginnings may God bless you keep you continue to mold you continue to shape you and to what he has chosen amen. Pastor Trina Carollo 727-9534642